Your Sales Department

Who You Are

You’re a high-achiever with a strong history of success. You are a values-centered person who feels called to serve the world in a big way. You’ve grown a profitable business and you’re ready to turn it into a profit-generating machine that will give you greater freedom and impact.

You no longer have the bandwidth to sell on a 1:1 basis and provide your highest level of service. You want someone you trust to close your best clients into your highest-end programs, but you have tried outsourcing your sales in the past and it just DIDN'T WORK... You're ready to try something different.

How We Can Help

Virtual Coaching Sales has recruited, hired, trained and managed “in-house” sales teams for dozens of entrepreneurs, scaling their company from the $1M to the $5M mark. We guarantee a 100% ROI within the first 12 months of working with our company, but typically achieve 300% ROI or higher within the first six months of implementing our strategies.

Hire our company to serve as Your Sales Department to actively work with you to massively scale your revenue, profit, and market reach… you get a Chief Sales Officer, a Sales Manager, and a Sales Rep for the cost of a single employee!

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Our “Double-Your-Money” Guarantee

Industry leaders request us by name because of our unequivocal commitment to results. We do request a 6 month commitment, at which point we guarantee break even. We guarantee you will generate a 100% ROI on your investment in 12 months or we will continue to work with your team on a commission-only basis until you do!