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You own a very successful company, but you're ready to play a much bigger game. You no longer have the bandwidth to manage all your sales and you're leaving a lot of money on the table by not having a sales team, but you don't have time to recruit, hire, train and manage a sales person! You want a partner you trust to support your business growth and add value to your tribe through personalized outreach and strategic direction.

How to Automate & Scale Your High-End Sales

Just A Few Of Our Happy Clients We Serve

Our company is the sales partner of choice for some of the biggest names in coaching. We have successfully doubled and even tripled our client's revenues in less than 12 months using our values-centered approach to sales and team management.

Step 1: GROW

Sell with Heart
How to Grow Your Business with Love and Authenticity

Master the art of high-end selling with greater confidence and authenticity as you work through our 13 Principles of heart-based sales. Double your prices, dramatically increase your conversion rates, and turn your clients into raving fans using our step-by-step model! Discover how to leverage your unique strengths into a personal, effective sales style.

Step 2: SCALE

PRE-ORDER: Stop Selling,
Start Scaling
Double Your Business with More Leads, Higher Margins and Less Work

Set up the necessary marketing funnels, pricing models and operational infrastructure to consistently attract, educate and close your best clients into your highest end services. Enjoy your business again, knowing that you will fill your programs month after month, and have the cash reserves you need to take your company to the next level.

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The Unseen Sales Machine
How to Automate & Scale Your High-End Product Sales

Bring on a fully-managed sales team who will build a genuine connection with your best clients and close them into your highest profit programs year-round, so that you can focus on growing your business by doing only those things you love. Recruit, hire, train and retain top sales professionals who are perfectly aligned with your brand.

Success Stories — Hear what our clients are saying...

Ali Brown
Ali International, LLC

We recruited, hired, and trained Ali’s sales team. In the first 3 months, we achieved a 247% ROI for her; at the end of seven months, when they were ready to internalize the team, Ali had made her investment with our company back 10 times over.

Dean Jackson

Our Facebook marketing strategy reached a 2,670% ROI net 30. Dean proudly pointed out that “as of 11:19pm, we have 82 opt ins for $81.90 — you’ve cracked the equivalent of the opt-in 4-minute mile!”

Margaret M. Lynch
Author, “Tapping Into Wealth”

We started as her event support sales team, adding $276,000 in post-event sales revenue. We have since built her full-time in-house sales team and are averaging 200% ROIs on a monthly basis.

Fabienne and Derek Fredrickson

If you have an established coaching business, a well-oiled marketing funnel and are ready to scale your business… then VCS is the company you want to align with to go to the next level.”

The People Who Make Everything Possible:

Caitlin Cogan Doemner

Founder and CEO

After studying philosophy and literature at Oxford University and Biola University, Caitlin went on to complete her Master’s in Business Administration in 2010. As co-founder of Virtual Coaching Sale...

Michael Doemner

Partner and CFO

With more than a decade of experience in business administration and sales management with several Fortune 500 companies, Michael joined Virtual Coaching Sales team full time in 2014, where he maximi...



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